Aerosol protection for dental professionals
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A low-cost & disposable solution to protect providers when working in the oral cavity.
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Meet the BioPro™Shield

The BioPro™Shield effectively blocks any oral spray, bodily fluid and aerosol emissions created when using dental equipment - yet allows a clear field of vision and comfortable working area.

The BioPro™Shield features a rigid face shield surrounded by a thinner flexible plastic liner. It is placed on the patient via an elastic headband. This positions the clear shield above the face while the rest of the shield drapes over the patient.

How It Works

Unpack your BioPro™ Shield and poncho

Apply double-sided tape to the elastic band

Adhere the poncho to the edge of your BioPro™ Shield


Key features

Resists excessive fogging, condensation build-up or dripping

Padded forehead piece for comfort

Better for patients with claustrophobia

FDA compliant & meets OSHA standards

Latex and allergen free

Great for any medical procedure involving the facial field or oral cavity

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